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Genshin Impact Snapshots: How To Get Kamera

In Genshin Impact you can get Kamera by completing a world quest called Snapshots. You can take screenshots with this gadget. This gadget can be hot-keyed to your gadget button so that you can easily get ahold of it.

How To Complete Genshin Impact Snapshots Quest

Xu will give you this quest, you can find him in Liyue Harbor on the right of the Mingxing Jewelry store. The quest will be available as long as there is an exclamation mark on him. You will have to help him with some deliveries in this quest.

You will have to do the first delivery for Tea Master Liu Su, you may already know him from various daily challenges. Go to the far end of the town, you will see a yellow marker indicating that someone nearby wants the delivery. But you won’t know who it is. You will have to deliver the item to Granny Shan, and after completing the delivery go back to Xu and talk to him. You will get a Kamera from him as a reward.

Kamera will be in your Gadgets sections of your inventory and it can be easily assigned to your hotkeys. Once you assign it to your hotkey, open it up by hitting the hotkey and click your pictures. The Kamera will start with a screenshot mode and the UI will be hidden.

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