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Genshin Impact Realm Currency and How To Get It

In Genshin Impact’s Serenitea Pot, Realm Currency is a unique currency that can be used to purchase items from Realm Depot. The procedure of collecting Realm currency is a little odd, so many players may be confused about how they can get Realm Currency. In this guide, we will tell you how you can find this brand new Currency in Genshin Impact.

How To Get Genshin Impact Realm Currency:

Players can get Realm Currency by speaking with Tubby the Teap Spirit and selecting “Trust Rank” from the Jar of Riches in Genshin Impact. If and Realm Currency has accrued, players will notice a golden container at the bottom of the Trust Rank menu, which will contain silver coins. Click on the Jar of Riches to claim these coins, after which they will be added to their total Realm Currency, which is shown at the top of the screen.

In terms of how Realm Currency is earned, Genshin Impact players will receive a portion of it in their Jar of Riches every hour. The exact amount that fans obtain is determined by their Adeptal Energy Rank, and the following is a breakdown of how that works:

Bare- Bones ( o Adeptal Energy Needed)

4 Realm Currency/Hour

Humble Abode (2,000 Adeptal Energy Needed)

8 Realm Currency/Hour

Cozy (3,000 Adeptal Energy Needed)

12 Realm Currency/Hour

Queen-Size (4,500 Adeptal Energy Needed)

16 Realm Currency/Hour

Elegant (6,000 Adeptal Energy Needed)

20 Realm Currency/Hour

Exquisite (8,000 Adeptal Energy Needed)

22 Realm Currency/Hour

Extraordinary (10,000 Adeptal Energy Needed)

24 Realm Currency/Hour

Stately (12,000 Adeptal Energy Needed)

26 Realm Currency/Hour

Luxury (15,000 Adeptal Energy Needed)

28 Realm Currency/Hour

Fit for a King (20,000 Adeptal Energy Needed)

30 Realm Currency/Hour

Players may now be wondering about how they can improve their Adeptal Energy Rank and gain more Realm Currency every hour, and to do so, players can click the hand icon in the top-right corner of their screens, find a furnishing in the bottom tabs, and place it where they want. When choosing a furnishing from the aforementioned tabs, players will see how much Adeptal Energy it will grant, and this will be reflected in the Adeptal Energy total once it has been placed.

Players might want to spend some time searching the Realm Depot as they wait for their Realm Currency to accumulate. By interacting with Tubby, you can gain access to this shop, where you can buy a range of furnishings and furnishing blueprints. The Realm Depot also sells Vials of Adeptal Speed. Which can be used to speed up furniture crafting and boost Trust Rank in Genshin Impact.