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Genshin Impact Radish Locations and Where To Farm Them

The locations of Radish in Genshin Impact can be difficult to find sometimes. But it is necessary to find them to complete the Marvelous Merchandise Event. The farming problem can be solved in an instant by the locations where radishes are available in bulk. In this guide, we will tell you all the available locations where you can find and farm radish in bulk to get the 40 Primogems rewarded by the event.

All Genshin Impact Radish Locations

Location # 1: Near Dawn Winery

  • In Genshin Impact this location is one of the most common Radish Locations. Follow the marked location on the map below at the south of Dawn Winery to get Radish.
  • You can collect 4 Radishes from this location

Location # 2: Wanmin Restaurant (Liyue)

  • Teleport to Liyue port and then find the marked restaurant on the map below.
  • You can buy 10 radishes for 3150 Mora from the restaurant,  which is very cheap. The shop will reset automatically every week. You can only purchase 10 radishes in a week.

Location # 3 Expedition (Mondstadt)

  • Teleport to the Adventurer’s Guild and there is a Wolvendom expedition option under the Mondstadt expeditions menu, you can use this option to obtain 8 to 12 radishes per day.

Location # 4: Expedition (Liyue)

  • Same as the Mondstadt expedition, in Liyue there is a Guyun Stone Forest expedition, you can use to obtain 8 to 12 radish daily.

Location # 5: Stone Gate, Liyue

  • Go to the marked spot on the map at stone Gate, Liyue. You can find four Radishes beside the house at the marked location.

You can get Radishes in bulk from these 5 locations in Genshin Impact without any need to travel too far. Teleport to Mondstadt and find Liben near the Gates to complete the Marvelous Merchandise event. Give him the Radishes and you will get 40 primogems for free. You can navigate these radish locations very easily in Genshin Impact.

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