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Genshin Impact Photo Event Guide: How To Get Free Primogems

In Genshin Impact Update 1.3 the Five Flushes of Fortune event has been added, in which you need to take photos with the Kurios Kamera to get free Primogems. The Special thing about this event is its social element. You can take photos and help your friend by sharing your extras so that everyone can get rewards.

You can start the Five Flushes of Fortune event in Genshin Impact by visiting Ji Tong in Liyue. You can get to him through the event guide or you can find him yourself by heading to the northernmost waypoint in the city of Liyue, and then go north to the docks towards the camera icon. Talk to Ji Tong to know his trouble: he wants you to collect some photographs as evidence because his new “Kamera” from Fontaine seems to take oddly colored photographs. You will get the Kurious Kamera and ten sheets of film from him a day to collect these photos, and you will get troves as a reward for assisting.

Genshin Impact Photo Event Guide

You can see what color you need to photograph with the Kurious kamera that day by opening the event guide for Five Flushes of Fortune. Then find the interactable objects of a similar color for Kurious kamera to work. For example, if Red is the color of the day then you should look for Apple, Jueyun chilies, or other red objects you can collect. After you find anything that matches the color of the day, capture an image by using the Kurious Kamera.

The Kurios Kamera in Genshin Impact works in a manner, unlike the regular kamera. You don’t snap a photo yourself. Instead, drag the box in the center over the object you are trying to photograph, and the Kurios Kamera will automatically capture a photo once it detects the item. You can take a photograph of each item, so if you find three apples in a single tree, you can take a photo of each for a total of three photos.

Every photo you will take will come out as one of five random colors ( Crimson, Ultramarine, Pale Gold, Ocher, and Purple Aster) so that’s why this point is important and you will have to get one of each to get a Five Flushes of Fortune reward trove from Ji Tong. Ji Tong will give you ten sheets a day to take photos with the kurious kamera, and you must all of them so that you can get at least, a full set of all five colors.

If you can’t get a picture of each color don’t worry: this is where the Five Flushes of Fortune’s social element will come in handy. If any of your friends in the Genshin Impact list has started the quest, you can see them in the “Photo Swap” tab of the Five Flushes of Fortune event page, and then you can swap your photos with any of them. Their exact number of each color they own will be shown to you so that you can help them complete a full set.

Your generous friends in Genshin Impact will send you some photos during the Five Flushes of Fortune event. You can check the “Received” tab with the “Photo Swap” to see what photos your friends have sent to you. There is a capacity of a total of 50 unclaimed photos that you can hold at a time, after which any extras will be deleted so you must check the received tab often.

You can grab rewards troves from JI Tong, you can get eight troves in total from 1 am PST February 3 until 1 am PST February 10th. You can trade your photos in the Five Flushes of Fortune event until February 13th but after 10th February the kurious kamera will cease to work.  Each reward trove will give you 60 Primogems so it means that you can get a total of 480 Primogems if you get all eight troves and a second random reward. The second random reward will either be 12 Hero’s Wit, 24 Mystic Enhancement Ores, or 120,000 Mora. You have only got seven days to capture the photos and eight troves to grab so you will have to work with your friends to complete eight full sets of photos.

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