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Genshin Impact Perfect Shot Quest and Flushes of Fortnute Event

In Genshin Impact Five Flushes of Fortune event has been started and in this people can earn different rewards by using the in-game kamera to capture pictures. This event started on 3 Feb and it will end on 10 Feb 2021. You will get Primogems, Hero’s Wits, Mora, and Mystic Enhancement Ores if you capture the right subjects, which will trigger the right color photos.

You can also work together with other players. miHoYo better explained how it works. If you have reached Adventure Rank 20 and complete the Kurios Kamera quest of Ji Tong in Liyue, you can start taking pictures. The issue is that it focuses on certain colors. The main goal of it is to take pictures where there certain predominant colors and then give them to Ji Tong. You can only take 10 pictures per day, and you can keep 50 photos total.

Genshin Impact Perfect Shot Quest

In Genshin Impact’s Five Flushes of Fortune event, there is also a cooperative element. You can go together to take pictures and also share them. So if you need a picture of a color and your friends have it and you have the one they need, you can make a photo Swap. You can trade photos with each other and complete the event easily.

And in last this quest will lead into a new gadget. Right now you have a standard Kamera in-game. But there will be a new “Perfect Shot” quest after the end of this event. Completing this quest will give you this additional Kamera just like the “Kurious Kamera” quest. As miHoyo has shown in a teaser image, it seems that there will be different color filters in this camera that you can use.

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