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Genshin Impact Mini Seelie: How To Get Different Types of Seelies

The Lost Riches event in Genshin Impact started on January 8 and you can not only get materials and primogems as rewards from this event but this event also gives you a tiny Mini Seelie pet that follows you everywhere.

The Lost Riches event went live on all servers on January 8 and it will end on Friday, January 22 at 4 am server time. So you must grab all the rewards before the event ends. To start the event you will have to talk to Ulman at the stone gate where Mondstadt borders Liyue.

Genshin Impact Mini Seelie

Ulman will give you a treasure book and a temporary Mini Seelie. To equip the Mini Seelie open your inventory and go to the gadget tab and for the details of the event open the event details tab. There will be two treasure locations marked on your map each day of the event and you will have to collect all the iron coins in one area before going to the next one. Falcon coast is the first location it is on the east side of Mondstadt, equip your Mini Seelie and activate it once you reach the marked area.

When you will get close to a buried treasure your Mini Seelie will start glowing brighter and the treasure spots will be marked with a beacon of light when you are nearly on top of it. To unlock the next area you will have to collect the iron coins by finding all the buried treasures.

You can use the Iron Coins in the Lost Riches event shop, if you want to buy your own permanent Mini Seelie you will need 280 Iron Coins. There are three Mini Seelies blue, pink, and gold but you can only one of them so choose wisely.

200,000 mora, 20 blue weapon crystals, 10 purple character XP cards, and 300 primogems can be bought from the Lost Riches event shop. If you want to buy everything from the Lost Riches event shop, you will need a total of 760 Iron Coins. You can get these Iron Coins easily if you clear out all the treasure every day.

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