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Genshin Impact Luhua Pool Puzzle Solution

In Genshin Impact, to get access to the hidden place in the Luhua pool, you will have to complete a fire puzzle. In this guide, we will tell you how you can go solve this puzzle easily and get access to the hidden place.

Genshin Impact Luhua Pool Puzzle Guide

When you reach Luhua Pool, you will have to follow the tiny set of steps and activate the instrument there, then the fire elemental switches in the area will be revealed. There are a total of six fire switches but we will have to use only three of them to solve this puzzle. Go to the center of the area and break out your fire character. Three of the six switches will have full pillars behind them, and we only have to mess with these three pillars.

First, you will have to shoot at the middle pillar,  and then shoot the pillar that is on the right side of the middle pillar, and then take a step back shoot the leftmost pillar. Once you are finished shooting all the three pillars, the floor will vanish after a few seconds and you will start to fall down through the floor. Glide down so that you may remain safe from any damage, then you will have to stand inside the circle which is in the center until it is fully lit. You will get a current which you use to get out without fast traveling.

You must interact with the hidden place to unlock it so that you can fast travel back here whenever you want. The hidden place is a level 60 dungeon, so maybe it will be out of your reach at the moment, but you will get a reward for completing the puzzle.

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