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Genshin Impact Dream Solvent: Where To Get and How To Use It

Several new features have been added in the latest Genshin Impact update, including the extremely useful Dream Solvent. When the RNG gods aren’t on your side, this item is built to allow you to transmute between boss drops, saving you a lot of time. In this guide, we will show you how to get Dream Solvent and how you can use it in Genshin Impact.

Where To Get Genshin Impact Dream Solvent

You can get Dream Solvent by defeating weekly world bosses. You will have plenty of chances to win some each week thanks to Trounce Domain battles like Stormterror Dvalin or Lupus Boreas, Dominator of Wolves. There’s no guarantee you will get Dream Solvent as a drop, but if you do, make a note of it because Dream Solvent is crucial for getting the ascension products you need.

In Genshin Impact, if you want to use Dream Solvent, you will have to go to a Crafting Bench. Tap the right icon at the top of the screen to go to the Conversion menu. Here you can use Dream Solvent to convert boss talent materials from one form to another. Select the desired material, and the recipe should appear in the Conversion Materials list on the bottom right of the screen.

You can’t use Dream Solvent to summon something because it can only convert between materials from the same boss (e.g., from Dvalin’s Plume to Dvalin’s Sigh or Dvalin’s Claw, or from Tail of Boreas to Ring of Boreas or Spirit Locket of Boreas). Even so, they are incredibly useful when you are having trouble obtaining the vital drop you are looking for.

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