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Genshin Impact Diona Hangout Choices and How To Get All Endings

The 1.5 update of Genshin Impact is here and players can now participate in the new hangout events. Diona’s and Noelle’s stories have been added to Genshin Impact update 1.5. Diana is the Cat’s Tail Tavern bartender. The sole purpose of the Katzlein in the industry is to destroy it. She is, however, gifted with the ability to make any dish delicious. In this guide, we will tell you how to get all the endings to Diona’s hangout in Genshin Impact update 1.5.

How to Get all the Endings For Diona Hangout In Genshin Impact

There are five different endings to Diona’s Hangout event. Players will need to use two Story Keys to complete this quest. Two days’ worth of commission is needed for each story key.

  • Cat Party Ending:

Players can follow these sequences to unlock the “Cat Party” ending:

  • “I’m here for the Kitties…”
  • “Use the cat toy.”
  • “Use the cat food.”
  • “Alright, I’ll leave him to you.”

A different ending will not be unlocked if you use the wrong way to lure the cats. Diona’s heart would be reduced instead. The hangout will come to an end when you reach zero core. You will get the first ending, “Cat Party”, and the “Kitten Queen” achievement will be unlocked if you do all of this.


  • The Unfathomable Felines Ending:

The steps for obtaining this ending are the same as obtaining the first ending. Players must, however, choose the first of these three options:

  • Well, he is really cute after all.
  • I think customers visit the tavern primarily for your cocktails.
  • Maybe you should take a hint from him and do what he does?
  • Your specialty drinks attract lots of attention already.
  • That actually might make more money…
  • No one would know about these cats if it weren’t for your specialty drinks.

As a result, Diona would become enraged, leading to the second ending, “The Unfathomable Felines.”

  • Diona’s Special Ending:

Players can choose these options for the third ending, “Diona’s Special”:

  • “I want to try some new specialty drinks…”
  • “I’d like the base to be more unique…”
  • “I’ll defeat all the monsters head-on.”
  • “Draff said he had just found some, let’s ask him.”

There will be a new achievement in addition to the third ending of the Diona hangout event: ”But there’s a catch…”

  • “I… Only Had.. a Little…” Ending:

Players will have to pick the following choices for the fourth ending:

  • “I want to try some new specialty drinks…”
  • “I’d like the base to be more unique…”
  • “I’ll defeat all the monsters head-on.”
  • “I can deal with a few monsters. I’ll bring some of that herbal soup back.”

The herbal soup can be found in the HIlichurl camp’s farthest pot. This will enable you to access the fourth ending, “I… Only Had… a Little…”

  • The Ultimate Special Ending:

Players will have to choose the following for the last ending:

  • “I want to try some new specialty drinks…”
  • “I’d like the flavoring to be more unique…”

The traveler will meet Connor, which seems to be up to no good. Players must assist Diona in making the worst cocktail ever. To do so, Players must make a mistake at every move.

The hangout event’s third achievement will be unlocked after getting all of the endings. 90 Primogems will be given to the players as a reward for unlocking all of the endings.

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