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Genshin Impact: All Hilidream Camp Recipes and How To Craft Them

There’s a new Web Event up and running in Genshin impact, so it’s time to get some in-game cash for doing almost nothing. You will have to create a variety of items for Hilichurls in a small camp by experimenting with various materials, you will get prizes for each item that you can use in the game.

All Genshin Impact Hilidream Camp Recipes

We have a list for you of all the Hilidream Camp recipes. Below you will find all the ingredients such as Wood, Bucket, Bowl, and Straw from left to right because We are not sure what they are supposed to be past the wood.

The following is the list, which should be in the correct order for each crafting:

  1. Wood, Bucket, Bowl – Bed
  2. Wood, Bucket Straw – Ladder
  3. Wood, Bowl, Straw – Mounted Mask
  4. Bucket, Bowl, Straw – Fireplace
  5. Wood, Wood, Bucket – Cabinet
  6. Wood, Wood, Bowl – Stone Table
  7. Wood, Wood, Straw – Screen
  8. Bowl, Bowl, Wood – Stone Seat
  9. Bowl, Bowl, Bucket – Lampgrass Lamp
  10. Bowl, Bowl, Straw – Rug
  11. Bucket, Bucket Wood – Elemental Decoration
  12. Bucket, Bucket, Bowl – Lantern Decoration
  13. Bucket, Bucket, Straw – Mini Pyrovine
  14. Straw, Straw, Wood – Cooking Pot
  15. Straw, Straw, Bucket – Unusual Hilichurl Portrait

These are all the items, you need to get the maximum prizes, which range from Mora to XP and beyond. If you put in a little effort, these web events are typically very satisfying, for this event all you had to do was look up a recipe list and log in for a few days here and there.

For the time being, just work on some Hilichurls and build a fun little home for them. As it’s the least we can do after killing a lot of them.

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