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Fortnite Unstable Bow Stats and Where To Get It

In Fortnite, the latest Exotic Unstable Bow is now available. A new version 16.30 of Fortnite is released now, which includes the all-new Bow and a lot of new content to explore. In this guide, we have compiled everything you need to know about the new Unstable Bow, including how to obtain it in-game, and how effective it is.

How To Get Unstable Bow In Fortnite

In the most recent Fortnite update, v16.30 the Unstable Bow was introduced. It is the latest exotic weapon that fires a different form of arrow whenever you use it. Shoot Arrow, Shockwave Arrow, Grenade Arrow, and Stink Arrow are some of the arrows it can fire.

Thanks to @HYPEX, we now know that that the Unstable Bow can be purchased for 500 gold from Rebirth Raven. To find the exact location, look at the tweet below.

Raz’s Bow Fortnite:

In the new v16.30 update, the Unstable Bow wasn’t the only new weapon that was introduced. Raz’s Explosive Bow was also added in Fortnite in this new update. The official description of the latest mythic bow reads “Heavy-hitting bow that launches 3 small bombs on impact.” You will have to defeat Raz at the Spire to get Raz’s new bow.

Following are the stats of Raz’s Explosive bow:



Reload Time (Seconds)


Magazine Size


Damage To Player


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