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Fortnite Tech Weapons: How To Get All IO Tech Weapons In Season 7

Season 7 of Fortnite is finally here, and now players can immediately start the new alien-themed battle pass. There are new quests for players to complete to earn extra XP, just like the other Fortnite season. Players will have to collect three different IO tech weapons in one of these quests. In this guide, we will tell you where to find these IO tech weapons in Fortnite so that you can complete this quest in a short amount of time.

Fortnite IO Tech Weapons and Where To Find Them

The Rail Gun, Recon Scanner, and Pulse Rifle are the three Fortnite IO tech weapons that players will have to find. Players can find these weapons only in specific regions. There are several IO bases placed throughout the Fortnite area, which is something new for the game’s map. 

Once players are over the map in the battle bus, they can easily detect these bases. Each IO base features a satellite dish with a flashing red light on them, and each one provides a lot of unusual treasure for Fortnite players to collect. Players can find the IO tech weapons at these bases, but the weapons they can find are randomized, so there’s no assurance that a specific IO weapon will appear. 

Players will have to find a specific box that contains one of the three IO tech weapons by search the IO base. Players can locate at least one of these boxes at every base, and players must sprint around the building until they find it. It appears to be eaåsier than it is because each base has many NPC IO guards who will fight players upon entry. 

Players will also have to look out for the security cameras, they can destroy them also, and there may be other players seeking these tech weapons as well to complete the quest. Players must be prepared before visiting any of these bases on the map; otherwise, it would be difficult to find the box without being killed.

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The IO tech weapons can occasionally appear from a regular glowing chest, but they must be from the IO facility. Recon Scanner is the most common of the three weapons so far, while the Rail Gun, with its strong laser beam, is the rarest. Players will have to search all the IO bases scattered across the map until all three Fortnite weapons are discovered. Because of how far apart the bases are, reaching multiple bases in a single match can be challenging, but players may always attempt again in the next match as the challenge progresses.

That’s everything you need to know about the IO tech weapons of Fortnite.

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