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Final Fantasy XIV Trust System and How To Unlock It

The Trust system has been introduced in Final Fantasy XIV. This concept has been taken from Final Fantasy XI, player can enter dungeons with AI companions instead of real people through the Trust system. Scions of the Seventh dawn is a group of notable characters who have been with the player since the beginning of A Realm Reborn and the AI NPCs are among them.

For players who want to try out a new dungeon, but are worried about their inexperienced team, the trust system is great for them. Players will have a good chance to learn the dungeon’s mechanics first if they run in with Trusts or they can favor the Scion characters by skip playing with real people. Getting started with the system is quite easy but for now,  You will have to complete some requirements to start using it.

How To Unlock Final Fantasy XIV Trust System

The trust option will be available when you are unlocking the level 71 dungeon in the Shadowbringers expansion. It is not good for those players who are new or not currently at the Shadowbringers story quests. Because the system has been introduced as a new feature with the expansion by the developers so it’s currently limited to dungeons released with patch 5.0 and after. But once you get access to the Trust system, you will be able to bring along Trusts to every dungeon, including the dungeons at level 80.

You will have the option to talk to the Scion NPCs nearby right after you unlock the level 71 dungeon. They will bring up the Trust menu, and you will have to use it to register your party members for duty. For example, if you are running as a healer, you will always have at least one tank and two DPS characters to choose from. Then you can enter the dungeon without waiting in a queue. You can then kill bosses and trash packs just like you do it with real players.

The Trusts are more conservative than real players (you won’t find Alphinaud DPSing too much as a healer, leaving your tank to die), the Trusts are more reliable to get the job done. The players can follow them for boss mechanics also, to learn from where the NPCs go on the field. Each NPC has different personalities like the hot-headed Alisaie is a little too trigger happy with the limit break as a DPS herself.

Trust System Rewards and Limitations

The trust system also offers you unique rewards aside from getting to run dungeons “by yourself”. Each time you level a dungeon your AI companions will gain experience points. If you get your characters to max level, different outfits will be unlocked for them, just like Y’Shtola’s outfit from before Shadowbringers.

You will have to level up your characters over time. You are free to jump into a brand new dungeon with Trusts for the first time only. For example, if you are stuck at level 71 you will not be able to keep running the level 73 dungeon. First, you will have to level up your companions by doing the level 71 dungeon again.

The developers are planning to expand the Trust System with additional dungeons for players to access.

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