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Demon’s Souls: How To Upgrade The Crescent Falchion

In Demon Souls one of the best weapons you can get your hands on early is the Crescent Falchion.  This weapon can be snagged very early in its +1 form, and your journey will be a lot easier with it. But it doesn’t appear on the list of items at the standard blacksmith, so upgrading it will be a little bit difficult for you. You will have to go very further in the game to upgrade the Crescent Falchion in Demon’s Souls. In this guide, you will find everything you need to know.

How To Upgrade the Crescent Falchion in Demon’s Souls

You will have to go to Ed, the second blacksmith if you want to upgrade the Crescent Falchion in Demon’s Souls. You can find him down an elevator which is on the right when you exit the mine areas (Stonefang Tunnel) and you will be able to upgrade all the weapon which have been modified by the Crescent path, along with more advanced options.

Going to Ed only will not upgrade your weapon, you will also need Darkmoonstones to upgrade it. You can easily find Darkmoonstones in world 4-2, with shards and chunks dropped by the Reaper enemies. Dark stone shards and chunks can be farmed from the first Reaper enemy in the area, and a nice pool of souls for every level will be dished out from them also. Then you will need to hunt down the special little gecko enemies in the archdemon’s area itself after you require pure Darkmoonstones.

For the early stages of Demon’s Souls, The Crescent Falchion is one of the most powerful weapons. The Crescent modification causes weapons to level with your Magic stat and it’s worth nothing. If you are leveling up your magic then you probably wouldn’t want to invest in the weapon long-term. You can swap out to an alternative if you are holding out to the same method of stabbing up enemies.

That’s all we have you need to know about how to upgrade the Crescent Fashion in Demon’s Souls. Just go to the second blacksmith and be prepared to upgrade and enhance all your weapons.

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