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Demon’s Souls: How To Easily Fight and Kill Leechmonger

In Demon’s Souls, if you know how to approach the fight then Leechmonger can be one of the easier bosses. He is very vulnerable to fire so if you have anything with fire damage it will melt him very quickly.

Four different attacks come from Leechmonger but you can avoid them easily.

  • The first attack can be dodged easily because this attack is a slow double sweep back and forth.
  • To avoid the second attack you have to stay away from his front any time because Leechmonger throws a fast sucker punch and it comes out instantly.
  • You can avoid this attack by rolling away from him because of its flurry where it swings its appendages around rapidly, and it hits everything in its surrounding.
  • In his last attack Leechmonger curls inwards and it releases six leechers in every direction. Avoid this attack because if you get hit by the leechers, they will slow you down and drain your health slowly.
  • The Leechmonger can regenerate its health over time by drawing its leeches. You can stop the regeneration if you have done enough damage to it, you will see a blob form in the middle when it’s started regen.

How To Kill Leechmonger in Demon’s Souls

Go inside the fog gate and then go down the platforms to the Leechmonger.

Make sure to use Turpentine to buff your weapon with extra fire damage or you can equip Dragon long sword +1 before dropping down to attack.

Run up and Spam R1 until he starts swinging, then wait for him to finish attacking, and then run back in and attack some more. To heal yourself just back up from the boss because he has no real ranged attack. The Leechmonger should be dead in no time.

If you are attacking Leechmonger with ranged attacks then you can drop down on the platform just above Leechmonger and make a lock on him and then attack away.

Then Leechmonger will only use his leech ball attack on you, you can easily defend it if you have Flame spray, so that you can meet him quickly. You will be able to learn frame spray after defeating Armor Spider in World 2-1.

Leechmonger can be killed in two different ways.

The fastest to kill Leechmonger is by using a Firestorm on him. Firestorms can learn from Yuria after you defeat Dragon God in 2-3. If you cast one full firestorm on him he will be killed in one attack if you do it properly by running on top of him. This attack will hit him multiple and he will be dead in no time.

The use of Lava Bow and hyper mode is the second way to kill him.

You will be able to make Lave Bow at Blacksmith Ed in world 2-1 after killing Armor spider. You can achieve Hyper mode by equipping the Clever Rat’s Ring or Morion Blade, it will help you to power up your HP when it’s down to 30% up to 140%.

Clever Rat’s Ring can be found in the middle of the ballista hallway outside the boss fog in world 3-1, and Morion blade can be created at the Blacksmith ed after defeating the storm king in world 4-3. You have to equip the ring, offhand the sword and have to take enough damage to low your power to 30%. If you have the magic sword” Makoto” equips it to drain your health easily. There will be a rat icon below your stamina bar when your health will be down to 30%.

Enter the fog and pull out the Lava Bow immediately to begin firing arrows down at Leechmonger. Leechmonger can’t do anything from this distance except regen, we will be able to easily kill him by firing arrows at him continuously

Wriggling Demon’s Soul will be given to you after you kill the Leechmonger. This soul can be used to learn Poison Cloud, you will be able to trivialize certain bosses by using Poison cloud in combination with the Thief’s Ring. This Soul can also be used to learn the Cure miracle from saint urban.

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