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Call of Duty: Warzone Stadium Code and How To Get Enigma Blueprint

Before the Call of Duty: Warzone’s season 5 update, the stadium was just an eyesore at the middle of the map, players would jump with a parachute to camp. But now the stadium is open wide, it is a fully-featured stadium with loot-filled pavilions, an infinity ward, and also a hid bunker.

The Stadium is different than other warzone bunkers, opening it up is much more complicated than others. To get into the stadium bunker alive, the loot hunters will have to chase down many door codes that change every match. You will have to complete the whole chore to get the Engima warzone blueprint.

How to get the Call of Duty: Warzone Stadium code and the Enigma Blueprint

There are many hid bunkers in the Stadium and getting into one single bunker is different than getting into two or three is quite another. On the top level of the stadium if you want to get past the double doors with a keypad next to it and to get rare rewards inside it you will have to do all the things mentioned below.

There are keycard rooms in the stadium and the details on how to get inside the keycard room can be found down this page. In each of the keycard rooms, you will find a computer that gives you a warzone stadium code, and the code changes every match, the code is a series of symbols and numbers. Geeky Pastimes is a YouTuber and he explains in his video that when you get the first code write it down and then fill in the most remaining numbers by opening the other keycard door. After you get the numbers you need to go to the double doors on the executive level with trial and error.

In the above video, it is shown what’s inside the room, so be aware of spoilers if you want to find it yourself. There are some interesting maps and computers inside the room, and you will also get the AMAX enigma blueprint, more loot, and some celebratory fireworks outside.

Call of Duty: Warzone stadium keycard locations

You will have to get inside at least two doors with keycards slot next to them before you can even get the code. Like you used red keycards to get into the other bunkers, these locked doors will require new keycards specific to them. The three keycards are :

  • P216: Parking Level
  • CL19: Middle concourse level
  • EL21: Top, executive level

You will find few chests full of top tier loot if you successfully get inside the room, but the main purpose of getting inside the keycard room is to get the stadium access code, use the instructions we gave above to combine the code you get from the computer with another code from other keycard room to solve the puzzle and remember that the code changes every match. In Case you are stuck just see the video guide above.

Below we have mentioned the locations of the Keycard rooms:

EL21 Warzone location: Top floor

You can use the EL21 keycard to open a door on the southeast side of the top floor of the stadium. Move around the corridor until you see the door in the video with a keypad next to it. The corridor is circular that runs around the stadium, so you will eventually find it.

Warzone P216 location: Parking garage (Basement)

You will find the P216 Keycard door at the lowest level of the stadium, in the car park. Go to the garage and then head down the slope to where you need to go.

Warzone CL19 location: Middle floor

The CL19 keycard door is on the middle level of the stadium. You will find it by the corner of the bar in the club lounge.

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