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Black Ops Cold War Safe House Lock: How To Open Gate

The campaign of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is full of secrets. There are so many puzzles in the game, and one of the most subtle puzzles of the game comes very early, but many of the players won’t notice it. Through this guide, you will be able to figure out the code to the locked gate’s padlock yourself.

How to Unlock the Gate in the Black Ops Cold War Safe House

You will find the locked gate in the safe house where you attend all of the campaign briefings. That’s the door we are going to unlock in this guide. If you did spend some time exploring the place, you can solve this mystery very easily.

If you poked around in the campaign, you may have found three documents scattered around the safe house. They are torn, only the key information is visible, like in this case, the numbers are visible. If you move your reticle over them you will find those highlighted in yellow.

The three references to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy: Are the Clinical Record, the Warren Commission Report, and the Dallas News Article.

You will find a clue from each of them, specifically a two-digit number. But you will need all three to get the full six-digit combination to unlock the padlock.

The Warren Commission Report

You will find The Warren Commission report close to the locked gate. Go one step back from the door and on the floor, you will find this report stuck to a clipboard. There will be a spotlight on it, but it won’t be noticed immediately. If you will take a look at it you will find the number 22.

The Clinical Record

You will find The Clinical Record in the hallway to the left of the gate, it will be on the right side after the small office. If you will take a look at it you will find the number 11.

The Dallas News Article

You will find The Dallas News Article in the darkroom (the one with red lights). Go inside the room and look at the wall on your right, you will find it hanging on the wall. If you take a look at it you will find the number 63.

If you are still not able to find the right combination to open the padlock after getting all the three two-digit number clues, Look below to find the right combination to unlock the padlock.

The right combination to unlock the padlock is the date of Kennedy’s assassination, which is 11/22/63 which means that your code is 112263.

What Is The Secret Behind Safe House Lock?

If you want to open the door as soon as you want it’s up to you, but it may come into play in the ending. We don’t want to spoil your ending so if you want to find out more about it look below.

If you want to unlock the gate before attempting the final mission is that if you choose to mislead Adler, you will only have few seconds to warn Perseus and to set up an ambush for your team. This step is critical to get one of the game’s endings.

There will be an arcade cabinet and a computer with an adventure to play inside the room.

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