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Biomutant Perfect Reload Perk and What It Does

In Biomutant, perfect reload is a common perk that allows you to reload your gun instantly while also increasing your damage by 20% for the next magazine. If you are playing a gunslinger, this is a fantastic perk to have. Perfect Reload, on the other hand, has a flaw in that it doesn’t work in the same way as most other passive perks. In this guide, we will tell you how Perfect Reload works in Biomutant.

Biomutant Perfect Reload Explained

As we mentioned above that in Biomutant, Perfect Reload is a generic perk that can be unlocked by any class. The description for this perk states, “Your ranged weapons are reloaded instantly and your next magazine is granted +20% damage.” If you are more interested in ranged combat rather than melee, that’s a great thing to have. You should choose the Dead-Eye class during character creation if you want it to be available right away, but you can receive it regardless of how you make your mutant hamster at first.

You should also know that Perfect Reload does come with a catch. Specifically, unlike other perks that are entirely passive, this one necessitates some action. To trigger a prompt, you must press it at the appropriate time. It won’t always work if you just reload. The Biomutant Perfect Reload perk requires some effort to master, but once you do, you will be a real buzzsaw with the increased speed and damage. You will be able to melt through enemies in no time when you add a good gun to the mix.

That’s everything you need to know about Perfect Reload and how it works in Biomutant.

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