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Biomutant Out of Date Bug and How To Fix It

Biomutant players are reporting a bug with the game that leads to no conversation being possible with Out of Date at the beginning of the game.

This bug is rare but it can occasionally happen in the game and has been reported on both consoles and PC. As for a solution, you don’t need to worry much since it is relatively simple. You can also hope that an update will be released that should resolve this issue once and for all.

Biomutant Out of Date Bug Fix

In order to resolve the issue with Out of Date not starting a conversation in Biomutant, you simply need to restart your system and try to do it again. In this case, the bug might not trigger and you should be able to talk with Out of Date.

If you are unable to resolve your issue this way and waiting for a patch is not ideal, then you can restart the game from scratch and hopefully, the bug won’t trigger this time.

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That’s everything that you need to know about the Out of Date bug in Biomutant.

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