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Biomutant Light vs. Dark Morality System Explained

Morality Systems in video games can range from railroading players down a given line of action to scarcely mattering at all so they can be a hit or a miss. The aura system of Biomutant is somewhere in the middle thankfully, as the gameplay is affected by the choices players make between light and dark, but it is forgiving enough that it is never irreversible. In this guide, we will tell you the difference between Light Vs Dark so that you can easily decide whether to play with a light blue aura character or a more ominous dark red aura character.

Biomutant Light vs. Dark Morality System

For beginners, the game explicitly states that the dark red aura character isn’t always bad, but rather selfish. Similarly, a light blue aura character does not always signify a clever decision, but rather that the player is helpful to others. If Biomutant players want to select a specific aura during their game, they should keep this in mind.

First of all, you must know that the ending or any other major story points will not be affected by the light and dark auras, so those players can relax who are worried about spoiling the story or getting a bad ending. Certain NPCs may refuse to speak to the players or make moral judgments if they stray too far to one side, however, this rarely prevents players from completing the side tasks. Players should be able to play the game any way they choose in this regard.

Psi Points are the main way that a player’s aura influences things in terms of gameplay. Players can get Psi Points as a reward based on their aura by discovering Psi Shrines. Only a few abilities may be acquired with either light or dark Psi Points, but even these aren’t worth missing out on. Players can switch to a dark red aura Psi ability by changing their morality to dark if they are playing a light blue aura character. Players won’t lose any light powers as a result of this, and they can also return to light after gaining the dark ability.

So players are free to choose either the light or dark side choices because of this flexibility. According to many players, the left dialogue option represents a dark choice, and the right dialogue option represents a light choice, while aiming towards a given side, although this isn’t always the case.

That’s everything you need to know about Light vs Dark in Biomutant.

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