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Biomutant Flying Mounts and How To Summon It

Many people don’t know that Biomutant has a flying mount. It’s possible that players will finish the game without learning about Batnamnam. This is a pity because Batnamnam is both adorable and practical.  In this guide, we will tell you how you can unlock the flying mount, and how you can summon and fly it at any time in Biomutant.

How To Unlock Biomutant Flying Mounts

Players will have to complete Pebble’s side quest to unlock the flying mount in Biomutant. Knack Hill is the place where you will find Pebble which is a character in the game. Players will have to complete few side quests assigned by Pebble, which includes finding various climbing points and zip lines throughout the map. After that, he will give you a final quest that requires you to scale a neighboring mountain to a specific spot.

It’s a pretty straightforward procedure: simply go to the mountain, seek the yellow climbing points, and follow them up. A big bat-like creature can be found at the top. This is Batnamnam. You will be able to mount it by interacting with it.

How to Summon and Use Flying Mounts

You will unlock Batnamnam as a prospective mount the instant you interact with it for the first time. After that, you can summon it at any time by using the mount radial menu, just like any other mount.  Batnamnam is a winged mount, though it does not actually fly. Instead, it has the ability to glide across long distances, comparable to the Automaton’s Airglider. To activate Batnamnam’s flying/gliding abilities, simply double jump when mounted. If you do this from the top of a sheer drop, Batnamnam will stretch its wings, allowing you to cover tremendous distances.

That’s everything you need to know about Biomutant’s Flying Mount.

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