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Biomutant Endings: Which Choice To Pick From End War or Continue Crusade

In Biomutant there are several endings that you want to aim for as you go through Experiment 101’s beautiful, decaying landscape. Biomutant, unlike some RPGs, tells you the ending you are going for straight from the start.

In Biomutant there are two primary endings, however, the Tribe War and the decisions made throughout it will affect how that ending plays out. In this guide, we will tell you what you should do to get the outcome you want.

Biomutant Good and Bad Ending

How you deal with the Tree of Life will affect the Biomutant endings. You can choose the Light option, which is to destroy the World Eaters. You can also leave the World Eaters to do their job and join the forces with those, who want a crueler, darker world.

The Tree and those too weak to live without it die in the Biomutant bad ending, although Biomutant doesn’t punish you for it. Instead, because dark isn’t bad in Biomutant, you are setting the road for a future dominated by evolution.

The Tree is saved and allows the entire world to flourish in the Biomutant good ending.

Biomutant Ending Choices

Biomutant Myriad or Jagni Choice

Biomutant makes you choose a tribe to join once you depart Bunker 101. Which ending the game flags depends on your choice: Myriad for saving the Tree of Life, Jagni for destroying it.

Which tribe the game tries to push you toward depends on whether you chose to “leave you to your fate” or “help” at the devastated hamlet. It doesn’t matter, though. If you want to ally with Myriad, you can hit the villager and gain the dark points.

Biomutant End War or Continue Crusade Choice

You can’t easily modify the path you are on. As you progress through the Tribe War, you will only be able to switch tribe allegiances, but you may only be allowed to switch sides for the side you are already on. Dark-aligned tribes insisted on informing me that they knew I was allied with a foe.

You will have to re-conquer the tribes you have already conquered if you change tribes, so it’s a hassle in any case. Depending on how you deal with the rival tribes’ Sifus or chiefs, the two main endings have small differences. You can imprison or reconcile with opposing tribes if you associate with light tribes, however, you can’t be as forgiving when you ally with dark tribes.

As tribe selection has very little impact on Biomutant endings, so it’s up to you whatever tribes you choose. The same can be said for other decisions made throughout the game. The ending is unaffected by how you interact with the tribes, NPCs, or even your conscience.

That’s everything you need to know about how Biomutant endings work.

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