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Apex Legends Fight Night Update Buffs and Nerfs To Weapons and Legends

On January 5 the Fight Night event update went live in Apex Legends, and there’s plenty of new cosmetics, a Town Takeover for Pathfinder, a new heirloom, and other changes including Legends buffs and nerfs have been included in this event.

The Fight Night Collection Event is finally released on January 5 after months of leaks and speculations. This event is centered on Pathfinder.

In this event, you can get new skins, cosmetics, a long-awaited heirloom for Gibraltar and you enjoy a new limited-mode, Airdrop Escalation just like the previous collection events.

Some of these changes are temporary, but there are a few longer-lasting changes to two of the legends, as Rampart got a long-awaited boost from the respawn.

Apex Legends Fight Night Update Buffs and Nerfs


Rampart will get a slight buff in the Fight Night update. Her tactical ability will recharge in 20 seconds now instead of 30 seconds and you will need only three seconds to place a piece of Amped Cover.

The defensive legend has no true buff, but the respawn has addressed two bugs that have been hampering her, including when the players use Sheila mini-gun their screens get changed.


The original draft of the patch notes didn’t include Horizon that was released prior to the update’s launch, but the season 7’ legend received a change at the last moment. Her Gravity Lift’s effective cooldown has been increased from 16 to 21 seconds, which means that you will have to wait five more seconds to get the ability after using it.


After Respawn had initially planned to make a change to Caustic Gas Trap Cooldown, the Toxic Trapper gets removed. The original plan was to reduced the cooldown to 20 seconds but as it got negative feedbacks from the community when the senior Game Designer, Daniel Klien elaborated it.

But when the update released on Jan 5, the tweak got canceled by devs, instead the above change was implemented on Horizon.

Weapons: Hemlock, Mastiff, Prowler

There were also some changes made to the weapons, the Hemlok, Mastiff, and Prowler in the update. The first two received nerfs and the Prowler received a Slight buff.

The Prowler’s buff is not to its range or damage, but the bullets are reserved, as now it has been increased to 210 from 175. The Hemlok damage was nerfed from 22 to 20.

The Mastiff’s pellet spread was improved for the third and fourth shots- the range has been brought down from 10 to 7.5 degrees.

There is also a set of bug changes too, the aim was to remove all the problems with each legend.

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