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Godfall Update 2.0.91 Details

Godfall has been updated to version 2.0.91 on PC which will release soon for PS5. Here are the patch notes that were shared by Gearbox.

Godfall is an action RPG developed by Counterplay Games. It was published by Gearbox for PS5 and PC. The game is available now on both platforms.

The new Godfall update patches the game to version 2.0.91 and implements a number of fixes as mentioned in the patch notes. It is out now on PC and will be deployed later for PS5.

Godfall Update 2.0.91 Patch Notes

General – All Platforms

  • Solved a reported crash when players received announcements while respawning
  •  Addressed areas around chests that were causing some players to get stuck
  • Adjusted drain ability to be used without the weapon art skill
  • Solved an issue that was preventing player respawns in multiplayer
  • Solved for enemies becoming unresponsive after a player respawned
  • The respawn counter no longer resets after each trial in Tower of Trials
  •  Fixed “ON” and “OFF” options in the settings menu that were displaying incorrectly in some languages

PC Only

  • Solved a reported crash from occurring when launching with certain languages

PlayStation 5 Only

  • Solved an issue that would revert the localized text to English when settings were modified
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One thought on “Godfall Update 2.0.91 Details

  1. James J

    There are a lot more issues to fix. Most of them should have been found during testing or beta testing. Piss poor job on releasing a product with so many issues and some of them make the game unplayable. I requested a refund and suggest you all do as well. I refuse to encourage developers to release half baked games with the expectation of a profitable return.

    PC Specs –
    Ryzen 3700x, ASUS x570 MB, G.Skill 16GB 3600Mhz, ASUS RTX 2060, game installed on SSD and later on a NVME for troubleshooting. When playable I avg. approx. 60-70 FPS.

    1) Random freezing of game after loading. Game locks, force closes. Unable to save.
    2) Micro stutters when performing an action. Random slow motion dropping FPS to 1-3 FPS
    3) Unable to delete/salvage items – Greyed out
    4) Menu buttons and mouse don’t lineup. Your mouse is on a button, but you cant select it. You move the mouse 2 inches to the right and the button highlights as if you were hovering over it. Keyboard keys not useable in menu.

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