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Todd Howard Is Open To The Idea of More Open-World Multiplayer Games

Bethesda might develop more multiplayer-focused games in the future according to Todd Howard. He doesn’t rule out the possibility of such games.

In a lengthy interview during the Develop: Brighton conference, Todd Howard shared a lot of insight into the future of Bethesda and its upcoming projects. He has a lot of big names on his credit including Skyrim and Fallout, however, despite the critical panned Fallout 76, he said that he won’t “rule out” the possibility of making similar games in the future.

Bethesda Games have tried their hands with multiplayer-only games set in The Elder Scrolls and Fallout universe. They had success with The Elder Scrolls Online but failed to achieve the same result with Fallout 76.

Howard suggested that “you don’t want to say never,” when asked about the scope for another multiplayer-only game. “I think the one thing we would do differently is put it out there. You really have to beta test these things for a long period of time, 24/7 with live players.”

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Despite the backlash against Fallout 76, Howard says that it “has been a really positive experience. It’s made us better developers, it’s made us better-connected with our community, and so I can’t say it’s going to be a one-off.” He also acknowledged the issues with the game at launch.

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