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What Are The Best Computer Games That Can Also be Played in The Real World?

The boundaries between the virtual world and the real world are becoming blurrier by the day. Not only is mixed reality technology emerging as a way to blend the two together, but gaming is also becoming a part of people’s everyday lives in other ways. The rise of gamification in various aspects of the real world is an indication of this. Another popular way of playing now is to take an online game and enjoy it in real life. Here are three examples of games that successfully combine on and offline elements.


Bingo may have started out as an offline game, but players have embraced the option to play online. Indeed, online bingo has become so popular now that more people than ever are able to find it on the internet. The online version of the game is so accessible, with welcoming communities that are ready to have a laugh and a joke with new players. There are also bingo promotions online to entice people to play, which sweeten the experience and keep people coming back for more.

Sites like Buzz Bingo are now offering an integrated experience, where players can blend the benefits of online play, such as greater game choice and bonuses, with the social elements of in-person bingo via chatrooms. 

Alternate Reality Games

An alternate reality game, otherwise known as an ARG, is a digital title that has aspects that need to be completed in the real world. A fairly niche idea, the concept is that there is a narrative that exists via a network online, and it can be affected by all the various people involved with it. This is because they are interacting with characters that are controlled by the game’s developers, pushing the narrative evolution based on a number of different responses.

The main draw of ARGs is that players have to act as a community and work together to solve puzzles. Some of the action takes place offline, and players sometimes have to search for clues in their real-world environment. They use other methods of communication for this aside from the internet, including phone calls and faxes.

Walking Dead And Other AR Options

Augmented reality is perhaps the perfect way to mix real-world and computerized elements. There are plenty of options out there that allow people to carry their phones around and see digital images superimposed on their surroundings. One of the leading titles in this genre is The Walking Dead: Our World, which makes users feel as though they are in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Another is Jurassic World Alive, which puts players face to face with dinosaurs in the real world.

Players and developers have always strived for fully immersive gaming experiences. One of the ways to get fully lost in a game is if it combines elements of the real and digitalized worlds. Soon, it may be difficult to differentiate between games and reality.

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