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How Gaming Has Changed in the Past Decade

The task for video games producers is to continually evolve. Without progress, the industry risks losing consumers when it stands still. The development of gaming technology since the very early days has enjoyed constant improvements and that’s vital for the sector moving forward.

Some periods in gaming’s evolution have been more dramatic than others but perhaps the previous decade has been the most remarkable of all. Some titles released between 2010 and 2019 have quickly become household names but it’s not all about new releases. The current gaming landscape is almost unrecognizable from the one that we saw ten years ago.

Advances in equipment are another key factor in an impressive decade while the world of professional gaming has taken a huge leap forward.

The Pro Circuit

Professional eSports leagues and tournaments have been in existence prior to 2010 but this is an area where video gaming has changed beyond recognition. Prize money is now phenomenal to the extent that news reports relating to major competitions have expanded beyond the industry press and into mainstream media.

Earnings continue to rise with The International widely known as the wealthiest tournament of them all. Focusing on DOTA 2, the prize fund for this tournament rose to over $30 million in 2019. The best players can now concentrate solely on their eSports careers and the pro arena can only improve as a result.

Playing Their Part

One sector that frequently gets overlooked when it comes to discussing gaming is that of online casinos. Within this area, there are many titles, particularly on the slot machines where casino meets classic arcade play. With new options being introduced on a regular basis, there’s also been an attempt to replicate some of the MOBA and Shooter eSports.

Both the quality and quantity of online casino games have risen dramatically in recent years. Slot machines have their own bonus rounds and entertaining features that appeal to gamers and casino players alike. While an element of luck and randomly generated results is in play, skill and judgment can play a part at times.

Other areas of online casinos have also improved considerably in the last ten years. Live casinos are now widespread around the operators with real-time dealers bringing the best possible experience to players’ devices. Innovative new games have also made a difference in a sector that has contributed to the rise of gaming as a whole.

Consoles and Equipment

Another area where gaming has enjoyed something of a revolution in the last decade is through consoles and other equipment. In the last ten years, we’ve seen the rise and development of many new favorites while established technology has experienced significant improvement.

In 2010 we were still playing the PlayStation PS3. Introduced in 2007, it was an impressive machine for its time but the industry moves fast and upgrades are inevitable.


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In November 2020, Sony gave us the PS5 and, while many have still to convert, it’s been a substantial improvement on its predecessors. The developers intended to provide higher levels of storage and a significantly higher screen resolution. Storage is always important but, with games consistently improving, the need for crystal clear images is vital in the present day.

It’s still early days but initial reviews of the PS5 have been really encouraging. Exceptionally fast load times and clear 4K visuals are among the biggest plus points. The new console also has good backward compatibility and its sales figures back up those distinct advantages.

Competition Hots Up

While Sony has been a big driver in gaming industry improvements over the last ten years, their competitors certainly haven’t been left out. The timing was notable as Xbox introduced their latest Series X at the same time that the PS5 hit the shelves. November 2020 saw the new console arrive after much conjecture over what would be in place to improve our gaming experience.


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The term ‘Next Gen’ can be overused on occasions but it’s fair to say that the X series has now ushered in a new era of gaming. Like the competition, the new Xbox scores highly in terms of increased storage, higher resolution, and useful backward compatibility. It’s also getting rave reviews for its aesthetics with a sleek tower design making it more pleasing to the eye than most consoles. 

Looks may not be important to the industry but more attractive designs may just be one of the biggest developments that we’ll see in the gaming sector moving forward.

Room for Improvement

It’s always tempting to ask where the future of gaming will take us in ten years’ time. One area that has seen slower growth than might have been expected is the world of virtual reality. There have been some developments in the last ten years but this sector hasn’t taken off in the way that many had predicted.

Issues holding VR back include the cost of the equipment and the large, unwieldy sets that have been produced in some quarters,

Virtual reality is likely to see big developments in the next few years but the last decade has been a remarkable one for the gaming industry. It’s a sector that continues to increase revenue while producing stunning inventions and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

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